Planning an event can be tough and you may have some questions. We'll try to answer some of the basics for you below

How long have you been doing this?

I've been a mobile DJ since before I had a driver's license. It's been 20 years at the time I typed this.

Do you own your own equipment?

Yes! I have multiple sound systems and lots of lighting. It actually surprises me that this question is coming up more and more. Every mobile DJ should have their own equipment.

Can I give you a request list?

Sure. Any requests I receive from my clients by 1 week before their event will be added to my library.

Can you just play a Spotify playlist to play?

No. You're hiring a professional DJ. Let me do my job. You're welcome to give me ideas of what you and your crowd likes, but if you just want to shuffle a playlist, you don't need to spend the money on my services. You can do that yourself. The internet is a wonderful thing, but connections are unpredictable and I would hate for your music to be unavailable. That's why I use my own library.

What about a "do-not-play" list?

Absolutely. I usually recommend keeping this list to about 10 songs that you really can't stand. Those songs you hear at every event may get annoying but they are standards for a reason and people are going to request them. If your "do-not-play" list is too long, it can start to alienate your guests. The goal is to keep the party going.

Can we keep things clean?

Yes! I scrub through the lyrics of every song in my library so I know what can be safely played for younger crowds or in mixed company. I do my best to make sure I have options that are radio friendly and with appropriate subject matter. We don't have to keep it clean, but it is an option.

Aren't you that guy?

Yes. Yes I am!